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Package Services

Complete Turn-key Services so that you don't have to worry about a thing!

Wood Frame of House

Build My House

Complete Design & Construct

Building a house can be complicated. There's the BCA, BASIX, Council approvals, architects, engineers, builders...the list goes on! If you have a block of land that you want to put a custom house on we can project manage the design, build and Council approval process so that you don't have to. Contact us to find out more!

Subdivide My Land

Complete Design & Construct

Have a block of land that you want to subdivide? The Council application and subdivision process can be long and complex. Coffs Engineering can completely manage the subdivision design & construct process for you.

3 nyora subdiv snip.JPG

Just Draw It!

2D & 3D Drafting Services

Know what you want drawn and just need someone to draft it? No problem! We can produce Architectural & Engineering Plans and 3D Renders.

Should I buy this?

Feasibility Study & Cost Estimate

Thinking of purchasing a house or land for the purpose of development? Sometimes land can be subject to encumbrances such as service easements, zoning restrictions, environmental restraints, topographical complications, etc. A feasibility study can identify these potential problems, and determine an approximate cost of development to help you make informed decisions.


Is this safe?

Structural Assessments

If you see something that is out of the ordinary that needs an engineering assessment we can analyze the structure and provide you with recommended remediation.

Standard House Structural Engineering

Footings & Wind Assessment

A normal house only needs a structural engineer to do a geotechnical investigation, design the footings and provide the builder with a wind classification. The rest of the design (such as framing and trusses) is usually done by builders and manufacturers.
Coffs Engineering can provide the geotechnical investigation, footing design in accordance with AS 2870 and the wind classification.

Blueprint Design

What do I do now?

Free Initial Consultation & Quote

If you have a building project and don't know where to start, you can contact us for an initial consultation where we can explain the design and building process, and point you in the right direction.

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