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Flood Modelling

Coffs Engineering provides flood modelling services and catchment analysis for drainage structures or developments which may be subject to flooding.

Flood Studies are conducted in accordance with "Australian Rainfall and Runoff: A Guide to Flood Estimation (2019)"

1D assembled.PNG

1d Modelling:
For smaller projects or where budgetary constraints are present we can perform 1D modelling of creek systems and associated structures such as dams, bridges and culverts.

1D modelling comprises of reaches and cross sections and is less detailed than 2d modelling. We therefore recommend 2d modelling where possible.

2D modelling:
For accurate flood modelling of river networks, floodplains and drainage infrastructure we use 2d modelling.

2D modelling uses a 3d topographic surface discretised into a 2d flow area to accurately model floodwaters.

2D model.PNG

Contact Coffs Engineering for further information on Flood Modelling

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